What makes your glitter Eco?

Our glitter is plant based and proven to biodegrade quickly and safely in a natural environment where microbes are present.

Bioglitter ®has been created with a core made from hardwoods, primarily sustainably sourced eucalyptus from responsibly managed plantations. This is a fabulous alternative to traditional glitter which has a plastic core.


What testing has your glitter undergone?

Our glitter is ISO14851/2 fresh water biodegradability tested.
With 87% biodegration achieved in just one month.


What can your glitter be used for?

Our glitter is a cosmetic eco friendly glitter and is perfect for hair, makeup, nails, festival faces and crafts. It has recently become extremely popular with wax melts and candle decoration. We always advise wax melt makers, soap makers and other crafters to test our glitter with their product first.


What is the shelf life of your glitter?

As long as the glitter is stored in a cool, dry place that is out of direct sunlight and heat sources, the shelf life is indefinite.